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St. Jamestown, Toronto, Christina Jackson Real Estate

St. James Town is a high density and high turnover community, where newcomers to Canada make up a large portion of the population. This multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic neighbourhood is primarily comprised of high-rise buildings, making it a very high density area of the city.  

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Traveling to and from St James Town is easy thanks to the transit options. The travel time to Union Station by car is about twenty minutes; the trip takes about the same time by TTC.  Within a short distance of this neighbourhood you can easily get to Castle Frank, Wellesley and Sherbourne Subway Stations.  

When residents want an easy excursion from the urban jungle have a few options. Riverdale Farm is a few blocks away.  Other green spaces in the area include the Rosedale Ravine Lands which connect to you walking paths and the Don River. 

St. Jamestown, Toronto, Christina Jackson, Real Estate
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St James Town is home to a large immigrant population. The most widely spoken languages in the area after English include Tagalog, Tamil and Spanish. Local residents are well educated with 70% holding post-secondary education, slightly above the city average. The area is relatively poor – approximately 40% of the population earn low incomes. The area’s residents frequently turnover as new people arrive and others move out as their incomes increase.


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One of the most notable features is the St. James Town Community Corner – a fully accessible set of offices, meeting spaces, program rooms and community kitchen dedicated to local initiatives and services to benefit the neighborhood. Offerings include programs for children, youth and seniors, as well as health and wellness services.  This facility is a collaboration between residents, public and private funders and service providers, and demonstrates the involvement that locals have in this community.

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